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    Server Rules:

    Global Rules
    • The usage of hacked or modified clients is strictly prohibited unless stated otherwise. Any discussion of these hacked or modified clients must be kept to a minimum.
    • Do not use any offensive skins.
    • Macros, Scripts or any forms of automated play are prohibited.
    • The usage of X-Ray themed resource packs is prohibited.
    • Impersonating staff is strictly prohibited.
    • Do not purposely log-out of the server during any form of combat.
    • Any player that discovers any dupes, exploits or glitches are asked to report it to staff immediately. Failure to disclose and/or using such dupes, exploits or glitches is strictly prohibited. Any accusations of hacks, modified clients, cheats or usage of dupes, exploits, glitches or staff abuse are taken very seriously
    • Do not mini-mod the server chat. Report anyone spamming to the staff immediately.
    • Do not make excessive use of vulgar or offensive language in the server chat. Exceptions to this rule may be made in the Factions/Prison gamemodes at the staff's discretion.
    • Do not advertise another server in the server chat or on the forums.
    • Do not spam in the server chat.
    • Do not sell/trade Minecraft accounts in the server chat or on the forums
    • Revealing a player’s personal information (Skype name, real name, etc.) in the server chat and/or forums is strictly prohibited.
    • Any discussion of Denial of Service (DoS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or any other packet flooding Attacks in the server chat and/or forums is prohibited.
    • Disrespecting/Insulting staff and players is prohibited, even if you’re joking. (This includes, but is not limited to racism, sexism, terrorism etc.)
    • Usage of alternate accounts is prohibited, one account per person.
    • Usage of alternate accounts to bypass a ban or any form of restriction is prohibited and will result in a ban on both accounts.
    • Chargebacks on any purchase from our store is prohibited if no sufficient evidence is provided that you had no control over the chargeback (Stolen credit card, hacked PayPal account, etc). If fraudulent chargebacks are open, you will be subject to collections, civil, and/or criminal charges. You will be responsible for any and all administrative, legal, and processing fees incurred by opening fraudulent chargebacks and reversals.
    • Any deals made with in-game money for real-life items or real-life money other then purchased from the official donation store is prohibited. If you still choose to participate in this activity it will not be regulated by staff.
    • Store purchases are NOT transferable to another account under any circumstance.
    • Retreating to the safe zone is allowed.
    • Purposely leaving your account online or "AFKing" to gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited.
    • Evading player mutes in any way is strictly prohibited eg. signs, spamming chat for admins to see.
    • Griefing is allowed. This type of interaction is part of the Faction.
    • Scamming that involves the exchange of in-game items or in-game money is allowed and it’s not up to the staff to regulate.
    Lord of the Rings
    TeamSpeak 3

    • No spamming of messages, private messages or pokes as well as verbal spamming.
    • Screaming into the mic, abusing or bullying anyone is prohibited.
    • Poking Admins and above is only allowed for important matters. You may be temporarily banned.
    • Saying foul language is strictly prohibited.
    Reporting and Appealing
    • Do not accuse players of hacking in-game.
    • If you see any players breaking any of the above rules report it to the staff or create a report in the 'Report a Player' section of the forums. Complaints submitted here can only be viewed by admins and higher and will be kept private.
    • If you see any members of staff abusing their powers or breaking any of the above rules, immediately create a report in the 'Report a staff' section of the forums. Complaints submitted here can only be viewed by the owner and will be kept private.
    • If you feel that your punishment was not justified then you can make an appeal for it to be revoked/changed. You can make this appeal in the Ban/Mute appeals section of the forums.
    • Certain mods are allowed to be used on the server including: Better-Sprint amd Optifine. These mods do not provide any unfair advantages towards players. i.e. item/chest tracers, eased access to inventories etc. They do not include Armour/Potion HUDs, incorporated chats/TS clients. (NOTE: these are only a few examples)
    • Any mini-map which includes a chest radar or displays player locations is not allowed. This includes mini-maps which have either of these features as a toggleable option.
    • Repeatedly breaking any of the rules above will result in the punishment becoming more severe/prolonged.
    • Although following guidelines, staff have the right to decide the length and/or type of punishment.
    • The staff can punish any player for any reason that they deem appropriate.
    • The staff is not responsible for loss of items due to server resets, scamming, lag, glitches or hacked accounts.
    • By joining the Minecraft Server, FlandersCraft TeamSpeak server, accessing the forums, or accessing the donation store, you agree to abide by these rules and follow staff requests.
    • The rules stated above are always subject to change and without notice. We advise all of our players to check back here regularly to stay up to date.

    I have added the following as it goes more indepth about a number of rules frequently broken:

    > No Hacking, Exploiting, Duping or Glitching
    - This includes glitching through walls
    - This includes anything that gives you an unfair advantage over others
    - This includes X-Ray texture packs
    - Any written statement saying you hack is evidence enough to be banned.

    > No disrespecting Players or Staff Members
    - This includes Swearing, Racism, Sexism, Bullying and any other form of communications which can harm a person emotionally or physically. This also includes a persons beliefs, religion or culture etc.
    - This also includes giving away private details

    > No advertising other servers, including IPs, names or videos of a server
    - However, this does not include advertising ones you-tube account where other servers are shown.

    > No Spamming
    - This includes PMs, Auctions, /TPA and /TPAHERE commands
    - This also includes starting & cancelling auctions

    > No inappropriate language
    - This includes ALL words blocked by the anti-swearing plugin, as well as other swearwords and inappropriate words.
    - Swearing usually is blocked in the form of [Pruned], forging this message will be dealt with as if you swore, no need to use it as an excuse.
    - Creating similar or the same message, i.e. [Prund] is not accepted and will be dealt with as if you swore.
    - Attempting to bypass the plugin is an even greater offence
    - Saying F (Could be Flowers) is ok, as it does not reveal the word, however saying f*** or f*ck is not appropriate as it reveals the word

    > No inappropriate naming, writing and descriptions
    - This includes Faction names and descriptions
    - Item names
    * Anyone holding an inappropriately named item will be held responsible for it. Rename it or delete it, do NOT auction/use it
    - Signs
    - Books
    - Nick names
    * These include using server ranks, or staff names as it might confuse new players

    > No asking for ranks, OP or anything similar

    Breaking any of these rules may result in a kick, mute, temporary ban or ban. This however is at the discretion of the Staff member/Mod/Admin. All punishments are add when deciding on the final decision.

    How to report players:
    If you see any inappropriate behavior...

    Staff Rules:

    > All the above rules are the same for Staff, but the consequences are greater including demotions or bans.

    > Rank Hierarchy: Owner > Admin > Mod > Staff > Player

    - The highest rank online has the final say
    - Server Staff always have the final say, no matter what it is, it can however be debated with a higher rank
    - If there is an issue about a Mod for instance, refer it to an admin.

    > No Power Abusing
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